Slepica Studio separates itself from traditional design companies by having the capability and desire to work directly with the customer. If you look out at boat shows, you see a sea of sameness of beige, tan, and gray interiors, and good luck at viewing the exterior of the boat. This is at no fault to the OEM, they have to maintain modularity between all of the models and configurations in order to manufacture as many boats a day as efficiently as possible. At Slepica Studio we will take our time to create relationships directly with each customer. We want to create a high level of quality customization that our customers will be proud of.
Slepica Studio: Example Pontoon Customization
Small project taken from Facebook marketplace. We brightened up the boat and have it a more modern look. Sometimes the subtle changes in color and materials can elevate the value and harmony of an entire boat.
We work with select industry leaders to provide the highest quality in marine products.
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Customize Your Boat Into A Show-Stopper

Stand out on the water with a custom look

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If you dream it, we will work with you to make it a reality.

Marine Customization Services

Marine Customization ServicesAt Slepica Studio, we are a marine design & customization firm focused on taking your ideas, whether small or large, and turning them into reality. Our experienced marine design team has years of experience helping our clients with all different boat design projects. Regardless of the type of boat you may have, Slepica Studio would be honored to offer our marine design services to turn your stock boat into something that will cause everyone’s head to turn while you’re out on the open water.

Custom Boat Refinishing and Refurbishing

Whether you purchased a new boat off the showroom floor or you have a boat that’s been in the family for years and needs to be refurbished, we’re here to help. Our marine design studio utilizes the latest technology to help you enjoy your boat like never before.

We currently offer our boat customization services for a wide range of boats including:

Work Directly with Our Marine Design Team To Ensure Your Boat Project Goes as Planned

At Slepica Studio, we work directly with our clients on each and every project. This ensures complete transparency and also allows us to spot potential problems before they become huge issues. We want your vessel to be unlike any other in the world which is why we always work as closely as possible to ensure the finished product is exactly as you dreamed.

Attention to Detail That Can Only Be Found from a Marine Design Firm

The team at Slepica Studio specializes in marine design. This means that we’re well versed in the many product options that are best used for different types of boats, and we have the necessary experience to take design ideas that our clients have and turn them into reality. All of this is impossible without a keen attention to detail. At Slepica Studio, we understand that no detail is too small and we strive to get everything right when it comes to our customer’s prized possessions – their watercraft.

Interested in Marine Customization Services for Your Boat?

Whether you’re interested in custom refinishing or refurbishing for your boat, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of marine designers at Slepica Studio today.