Design Services

Slepica Studio can help with projects large or small. From model year refreshes to full future forecasting and implementation of a 5 year strategy. You can hire us project based or on a retainer. All projects will be diligently itemized to reflect service and hours used.
Slepica Studio: Custom Console

Design Direction

Brand Identity
Style and Inspiration
Trend Study
Color Material & Finish
Market Research
Slepica Studio: Custom Console


Exterior Styling
Interior Styling
Preliminary Layout
Upholstery Design
Component Details
Slepica Studio: Custom Console


Rendered Designs
3D Development
Ergonomic Study
Layout Refinement
Concept Validation
Slepica Studio: Custom Console


Collaboration with engineers, suppliers & manufacturers
Prototype build support
Marketing Support
Final Design Presentation

OEM Design Services

OEM Design ServicesAt Slepica Studio, we not only work directly with boat owners to provide our boat design services, but we also work with a variety of OEM companies to provide design services as well. Our varied design expertise offers a number of unique advantages to companies who manufacture their own products, regardless of industry.

Benefits of Our Design Services

  • Minimize In-House Design Needs – When you hire an OEM design firm like Slepica Studio, you can significantly reduce the need for your own in-house design team. This can allow you to invest more heavily in your product line as opposed to the design phase of your product. This often results in faster innovation and the ability to get your products to market faster.
  • Economically Harness Experienced Design Team – At Slepica Studio, we specialize in design with an understanding of engineering and best practices in optimizing production. This means that when we’re hired we’ll be able to focus all of our efforts on ensuring your products are designed as efficiently as possible. When you bring your design functions in-house your designers will undoubtedly have to shift their focus to other projects which may not directly correlate to a positive return on investment for your products.
  • Ongoing Support – The design team at Slepica Studio is available before during and after any design work we provide. We strive to always keep this line of communication open with our clients to ensure we’re available when the need arises.
  • Strong Return on Investment – Many times outsourcing product design can net a positive return on investment because it forces companies to focus more heavily on other aspects of their business. Let Slepica Studio handle your OEM design needs so that you can focus on the bigger picture – growing your company!

Slepica Studio Offers A Variety of Design Services For OEMs

While our team has the most experience with marine design, we also have worked with automobile and motorcycle companies as well as companies from other industries. Whatever industry you may be in, if you’re looking for a proven OEM design team, don’t hesitate to reach out to Slepica Studio today.