Pontoon Customization

Pontoon Customization ServicesPontoon boats are some of the most popular watercraft on the market today. They’re literally a way to create a party on the water, which is why so many American’s have fallen in love with this type of boat. Pontoon boats used to be the slow watercraft that you would often see making their way around the lake or river, but now things have changed. Today’s pontoon boats can pull skis, tubes and have all types of technology features that will make you love heading out on the open water. At Slepica Studio, we’re a marine design and customization company that can help you to add additional bells and whistles to your brand new pontoon, or perform a full renovation of an existing pontoon.

Customization Options

The options are literally endless when it comes to customizing your pontoon boat. A few of our most popular pontoon customization options include:

  • Custom Paint/Graphics – One of the easiest ways to customize your pontoon is with custom paint or graphics. Work with the marine design team at Slepica Studio to choose colors and designs that are completely customized to you.
  • Interior/Flooring – The number of interior and flooring options are virtually limitless when it comes to pontoon customization. Talk with our team to see the many different interior and flooring options that will help you to create a pontoon boat that will be a hit with all your family and friends.
  • Seating/Console – If you’re going to be out on the water all day with family and friends you want a wide array of comfortable seating options. Whether you have a brand new pontoon boat that you’re looking to upgrade or you have an older boat that needs to be refinished, Slepica Studio would be glad to help.
  • Sound/Lighting Systems – A pontoon boat is essentially a moving party. Why not spice up the party with upgraded sound and lighting systems? We offer some of the top brands of sound and lighting equipment to make your pontoon stand out from the rest out on the water.
  • Full Renovations – Do you have a pontoon boat that you’ve had for quite some time? If so, it may be in need of a full renovation. At Slepica Studio, we can take your pontoon and turn it into a brand new floating party mobile!

Learn More About Our Pontoon Customization Service

Whether you have a new or old pontoon boat, chances are you may be looking to upgrade. The marine design team at Slepica Studio has helped scores of people create a fully customized pontoon boat. To learn more about our pontoon customization service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to show you some of the recent pontoon projects we’ve been working on so you can see the benefits of working with a marine design studio.