Fish & Ski Boat Customization

Fish and Ski Boat Customization Services | Award winning marine designFishing and ski boats have seen a massive increase in popularity over the past few years. This has meant that there is a massive number of boat manufacturers creating boats for even the most cost-conscious boat enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid fisherman or family that loves to ski and tube, Slepica Studio is here for all your fish and ski boat customization options. Many times, manufacturers are focused on producing high quality boats, but they may not necessarily be focused on the individual needs of their customers. At Slepica Studio, our entire focus is to ensure you’re receiving the highest level of individualized service that you desire. We know that you live and breathe boats and thankfully we do as well!

Fish & Ski Boat Customization Options

There are an almost endless number of customization options for fishing and ski boats. At Slepica Studio, we’re here to handle all of your boat customization options. The most popular options we often provide include:

  • Custom Paint / Graphics – One of the best ways to create a truly one of a kind boat is by upgrading your vessel’s paint or graphics. At Slepica Studio, our boat designers can provide you with digital representations of these changes to ensure you’re choosing exactly what you want in terms of an exterior upgrade for your vessel.
  • Interior / Flooring – In our opinion, many boat manufacturers do not put enough emphasis on the interior of their vessels. At Slepica Studio, we’ll work with you in our marine design studio to create a unique interior that is both pleasing to the eye and extremely functional as well.
  • Seating / Console – Whether you’re just looking for some seating or console upgrades of you’re looking to completely upgrade the interior area of your boat, feel free to reach out to Slepica Studio. We have boat designers on staff who can design new seating and console options that better meet your needs compared to stock options from the major boat manufacturers.
  • Sound / Lighting Systems – Whether you’re skiing or headed out to fish, you’ll likely want to play your favorite tunes when you’re out on the water. Slepica Studio can design a sound system that really thumps!
  • Full Renovations – One of our favorite types of projects here at Slepica Studio are full boat renovations. We can take an old and tired boat and turn it into a new masterpiece ready to wow out on the water before warmer weather arrives! Reach out today to see some pictures of our full boat renovation projects.

Learn More About Our Fish & Ski Boat Customization Services

Here at Slepica Studio, fish and ski boat customization are some of our most popular projects. If you’re in the market for an upgraded fish or ski boat, don’t hesitate to reach out to our marine design studio today.