Cabin Cruisers & Yacht Customization

Cabin Cruiser and Yacht Customization ServicesIf you’re fortunate enough to own a yacht, you’re one of the lucky few who is able to truly relax while out on the open water. Yachts are extremely extravagant, but they also are extremely difficult and time consuming to maintain. At Slepica Studio, we offer a variety of yacht customization services to help you ensure your vessel is an eye turner regardless of its age. Whether you’re looking for just a few upgrades, or a full yacht renovation, our team of marine design professionals stands ready to assist you in any way we can.

Yacht Customization Options

Yacht customization can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’ve outlined our most popular services below:

  • Custom Paint / Graphics – If you want your yacht to truly stand out at port, why not upgrade your vessel with a custom paint job or branded graphics? At Slepica Studio our marine designers have access to a wide variety of colors as well as the latest design technologies to upgrade the exterior look and feel of your yacht.
  • Interior / Flooring – The interior of any yacht is one of the first areas you’ll want to show off to family and friends. If your yacht’s current interior and flooring is aged and dated, now’s the perfect time to give it a face lift!
  • Seating / Console – Yachts should exude luxury and comfort. This includes every aspect of the interior including the seating options. Let our designers show you the potential upgrades that could turn your yacht into a true show stopper!
  • Sound / Lighting Systems – Sound and lighting systems are important, especially on large yachts. You want to be able to control your sound system and lighting from all over your boat, so be sure you’re thinking of this aspect of your yacht customization to avoid regretting it later.
  • Full Renovations – If you’ve recently purchased a yacht, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing yacht, feel free to reach out to Slepica Studio. It’s always our goal to ensure you never become overwhelmed throughout the yacht customization project. Think of us as teammates where we work together to make it to the finish line, which will have you heading out on the open water with your fully customized luxury yacht!

Your Expert Provider of Yacht Customization Services

Choosing a partner for a yacht customization project can be extremely challenging. You want to partner with a company that has both knowledge and experience to tackle a project this large. Thankfully the team at Slepica Studio is up to the task. Give our marine design team a call today to chat about your yacht customization options.